Thursday, October 29, 2009

Broken Hearts

Can my broken heart be mended?

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Monday, October 26, 2009

Custom orders are always fun!

I recently was asked to make this charm for a customer!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


This month I wanted to feature shops that were either on Etsy for more than a year and had less than 50 sales, or had been on Etsy for less than a year with less than 50 sales. My shop, Hapa Girls falls into the second category of less than a year and 50 sales or less. While putting this feature together, I got my 50th sale!!

I would like to help Expose everyone I have featured so they can reach their 50th goal.

Featured are 8 different shops from different areas of the art world. In photo order.

I found Studiondanale in the Etsy forums. I went to her shop and found this great children's painting of a train. I thought it was interesting how she had taken a 2-dimensional painting and turned it into a 3-dimensional painting by adding air dried clay. Studiodanale has many other unique items for decorating your nursery.

How can anyone pass up this lavender dandelion by ginaphoto . I think photographers don't get quite enough credit as I think they should. As we all know taking photos of our works of art can be frustrating. Can you imagine taking a photo of building or a bridge, outside, in a variety of light conditions? Gina is a 12 years veteran of photography and it shows! Her black and white cityscape photographs are amazing.

I originally found WhiteSparrowbindery on Twitter, or maybe they found me first! Either way, I was immediately drawn to their Giraffe Journal. I love writing in journals and my daughter loves giraffes, what a great combination! The Whitesparrowbindery offers a great variety of handmade journals, photo albums and sketch books ( a must for us artists). They even make holiday journals which make great gifts!

Drcraze, was found in the Etsy forums. I am so glad the Dr. replied to my post. As a jewelry artist and wood worker, I love to mix the two mediums. So naturally I was drawn to the idea of concrete, glass and metal. Though we think concrete is heavy, Dr. Craze's pendants look light and airy with the use of brass tubing inlays. Love it!

Studiomme, has been a favorite of mine for the past 6 months! Her Victorian inspired illustrations are amazing! Let me just say, drawing is a requirement for any art degree, but that doesn't mean we can all draw!!!! Some people have a gift for it and Megan has it! Megan is not only an Illustrator , but she is also a printmaker, photographer and much more.

I found Gr8clay while I was searching for sushi dishes! I think I have found them! Gr8clay offers great functional pottery with amazing detail. The Oxyblood mug is too die for...

Choumie7, Is another great Illustrator that I have been following on Twitter for some time now. Christelle has a dreamy style to her illustrations that radiate a sense of tranquility! I also like the idea that she has taken her original drawings and made them into jewelry and accessories. Can you say "Multifunctional Art"

Lastly, I found Rebecca of edwardandlilly on flickr. Her wool felt and embroidered bird ornament caught my eye, especially the lavender one! Her shop is filled with handmade embroidered items and plush animals, a sure "sweet" friend for your little one.

Everyone needs a little Exposure now and then. For some of us having an Etsy shop is a business and for others its just a hobby. Whichever it may be for you, it never hurts to help someone else attain their goals.

Thank you to all the artist that allowed me to feature them.
Please leave a comment and visit their shops!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

New in shops

Just listed in my Etsy and Artfire shop!!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

What's New For October

September was a busy month for me. I was only able to get in one feature but hopefully I will be able to get in at least two features this month.

The totals are in...
Last month I did a Firefighter tribute and a promotion to donate 10% of Hapa Girls sales to the Los Angeles County Firefighters Memorial Widows and Orphans Fund. I was able to generate $47.80 in donations from sales! Not too bad considering the economy. I will be adding to the donation for a total of $100.00. A big thanks to everyone who ordered something from my shop!

I want to say thanks to all my new customers and returning customers and for all the new followers and fans I have gained this last month!!