Friday, February 19, 2010

Custom Orders and more!

I have been quite busy lately! Which is definitely a good thing!! I have been working on these large 15" tall feeders for a customer in the Virgin Islands. I never thought I would do such tall Surfboard Feeders. After modifying my design to accommodate 3qt. bowls and increasing the height to 15", they are actually quite nice looking and functional!
Seeing that the customer lives in such warm and tropical environment, she request these colors.
I may just have to add this design to my shops!

This Large Red Cherry Blossom ring was a hit last year! I stopped making it because of the irregular heat patina results. I am a bit, just a bit of a perfectionist and I would re-do the heat patina until I had it just perfect. Well, heat patinas are not perfect and neither am I. However, this ring looks amazing in any shade of red and so I am adding it to my shops once again.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

100th Sale Giveaway!

I couldn't be more happier with the start of February!

I recently opened a shop on Zibbet! I thought I would give them a try since their basic membership is free why not give it chance. They do have a performance stat page, so I'll keep everyone posted about the views coming in. Maybe you would like to give it a try!

I also just signed up for Mycraftcorner. It's a great place to network with other sellers and get advice on their experiences with other selling platforms. Follow them on Facebook and Twitter and you are sure to gain more fans and followers.

Now for the 100th Sale Giveaway!
I am closing in on my 100th sale in my Etsy Shop! Yeah! So I just decided I would give a gift with the 100th sale! I think I will keep it a surprise but it may either be a choice between a Cherry Blossom keychain or a Heart pendant ( the heart is in the design process but well worth the wait). I will let the buyer choose!