Tuesday, September 1, 2009

What's New for September?

August was a great month. My daughter turned "2", I did a great cupcake feature and met new fellow Etsians. I even bought some amazing items from some of my featured artist on my blog. August was also my best selling month on Etsy! I showcased a new Cherry Blossom Branch Cuff and gained 5 new customers. I have also had 2 return customers that I was able to work closely with(as close as my keyboard and monitor will let me!)on custom orders. As far as my Artfire shop, well I have downgraded to the basic shop and some how made a sale at the end of the month. It's a great place to sell but not so well known yet.

What's new for September?
I would love to do more features on thematic items. Halloween is the next festive celebration that is fast approaching, but that is in October. I may have to just pick something that is just fun and interesting!!!! Look for me in the forums on Etsy and Artfire, I will be on the look out for new featured artist. Follow me on facebook, twitter and of course flickr (it's all about your photos). I have a showcase coming up on September 19th and will hopefully be able to present a new piece of jewelry!

Thank you to all the artist that allowed me to feature them and to my new and returning customers! Have a happy and prosperous September!

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