Thursday, July 1, 2010

Goodbye June - Hello July!

June was a very busy busy month for me! I appreciate all the new hearts in my Etsy shop as well as the orders that followed!

My family and I were able to take a mini vacation to the Grand Canyon and Las Vegas! My daughter had a great time taking her first train ride on the Grand Canyon Railway.  We all had a great time and it was a much needed vacation. We hope to be taking another one in August and this time my husband and I will go rock hunting!

New in the shop this month

Lately I have been obsessed with making different types of flowers from copper.  I hope to be creating more flowers and adding new one of a kind pendants and bracelets to my shop. Hapa Girls is becoming a "Copper Garden".

Let's promote one another!

I have joined a new group on Etsy called, " Bringing Unselfishness Your Way".  I found them in the Etsy forums.  Go check them out and get your name added to the list of shops.

As always, I would like to thank all my followers on my blog, twitter and Facebook fans.  Also, a Big THANK YOU to all me customers an returning customers!



  1. I love the Grand Canyon and am so thankful that my parents took me there a few times. Good luck with the rock hunting :)

  2. Thanks! It is definitely an awesome place to go! Wish it was closer to us!!

  3. Just wanted to say I love your shop!!! Don't know how I hadn't seen it before now with all of those cool flowers in there! :-)