Friday, October 7, 2011

Pinterest and Wanelo

I know a lot of you are addicted to pinning products on Pinterest, I know my sister is!!  Has anyone tried Wanelo?  I came across Wanelo while looking at my Etsy Shop Stats.  I noticed I had quite a few visits from the site and thought I would check it out.  I signed up, it's free, and started searching through the many products displayed.  Like Pinterest, you can pin products to Wanelo the same way.  It's a great way to promote your products as well as find new products that are trending today.  Give it a try, you may find that someone has already been promoting your products for you! Pay it Forward!!
Just one of the many popular items on Wanelo


  1. Cool! I just heard about Pinterest. Thanks for bringing up Wanelo.

  2. I love Pinterest and I'm addicted!