Wednesday, February 1, 2012

For the Love of February!

How could anyone not love February?  After all, the month is gushing with the colors RED and PINK, signs of love and heart shaped EVERYTHING!!  Valentine's Day will be here soon!

I  love February because I get to celebrate my birthday!!!! Yay right?  For those of you who do like to celebrate your birthday this may all seem exciting.  However, when your birthday is only 2 days after Valentine's Day, the two separate celebrations seem to turn into one combination celebration!!! I guess it is kind of like having your birthday fall on Christmas! Regardless of the "combo" celebration, having the two so close gives me the perfect excuse to celebrate my birthday all week long!

In celebration of both occasions, I have gathered a few gift ideas for those of you who are not sure what to give someone whose Birthday falls so close to Valentine's Day.


  1. Love it! I love your collection!

  2. Wishing you a happy birthday surrounded by love :)