Sunday, July 26, 2009

Monday Featured Items of the Week

Well, I have done it again! I found this weeks featured artist on flickr!! Pamela of prettydreamer creates wood toys for the kids in all of us!
My personal favorite of the four I have chosen is the wood tool set. I love woodworking and love the tools even more. So naturally when I saw this set I knew I wanted one for myself. Of course I will give it to my daughter!! The snake push toy and the stacking modern flowers are classics and every child should have one. The last item I chose was the, Jeweled Caverns and Dragon's Den. It is a great puzzle idea that can be played with 2- dimensionally or 3- dimensionally. I think this toy will bring out any child's imagination!

Although these are just four of my favorites, prettydreamer has much, much more in her shop. I believe that handmade wood toys are meant to be kept for a very long time and then passed on to grandchildren and so on. I think Pamela has a true gift in putting great thought and creativity into her wood toys.
Skip on down to prettydreamer to find the child in you...

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  1. Those are so cute!