Sunday, August 16, 2009

It's All About Cupcakes This Week.

To be perfectly honest I have never really given cupcakes much thought. Yeah they're pretty to look at and good to eat, but- WOW! It's like a whole other sub-culture of cupcake fanatics! I have come across items from vintage signs of stay at home moms baking cupcakes to big pink frosty cupcake tattoos and jewelry too! It's amazing how much love is out there for cupcakes!.

So, In honor of my daughters 2nd birthday, I have decided to hop on the "sweet baking train" with a cupcake feature! I went on a cupcake hunt on Etsy and Artfire and found many, many cupcakes! I am only featuring 12 artist though there were many more.

Aren't these cupcakes great! I had a so much fun doing this feature! I was able to meet more great Etsy and Artfire artisans and show people I know personally, all the great handmade gifts one can find with the click of a button. I found so many cupcake items that I could have done a cupcake feature every week this month! Hmm that's an idea for the future!!

I want to thank all the Etsy and Artfire Artist that allowed me to feature them! (In photo order) Cutiepatooties1, Girliebows Twhittlechips, Geminiartworks, Drumchick99, Jonasillustration, Dingbatpress, Myshabbyheart, Oliveandollie, Relaxingzen, Spoiledbratzwear, and Orangyredink.

They all have great shops and products that are great gifts for children, friends or even yourself. I personally will be buying something special this week for my daughter and I !!!


  1. Hey great feature! Thanks for including me! And that chocolate cupcake on the last row is calling my name!

  2. Hi, I have to tell you I love cupcakes! They never go out of style and they are always yummy to look at!! Great work on your blog! Its alot of work even with a toddler. Kuddos! -Nancy

  3. thanks so much for featuring me! It makes me hungry...and its lunchtime ,good timing!

  4. Thank you so much for featuring me on your blog, I just LOVE the cupcake theme:)

  5. Cupcakes seem to be all the rage these days. What a fun little grouping you put together!