Monday, April 19, 2010

New Hibiscus Pendant

Well I have decided to make the Hibiscus a pendant!!  I gave it a red heat patina and have listed it in my Etsy Shop.  This is only the first of many I will be making.  I would still like to make hair pins, hat pins and rings. I will also be making them on a larger scale!


  1. It's so lovely! I like the color choice.

  2. love your shop...i rAN into it on the ie street team flickr...very nice blog too!

  3. yes i do look at it every once in a while...someday id like to organize something for our non existent team.Ive met one person from the team in January Christina Huh and exchanged some emails with another member who lives in Fontana...there hasnt been a post on that blog for almost a year? whats up with that!